Hello, you beautiful human!  

We’re Sonia and Sabrina, two sisters and best friends. Sabrina lives in Paris and Sonia lives in Chicago. We Skype daily and Snapchat often. Sabrina had to go off personal Facebook because she kept losing her shit with anxiety, so Sonia now owns the rights to her password. Sabrina has to ask 3 days in a row at the same time to get that password back. It's been about eight months. 

We make our mom barf rainbows. She's too cute. We're obsessed with her.  We have amazing best friends and super normal problems, like how do I get my brow game on point, or where to find the best kale salad recipes (Mimi Thorson, btw, is a boss woman with like seven babies, 20 dogs, lives in northern France with a hot and always, always, has amazing new inspiring recipes. Goals people. Goals.) 

But, we also have super natural problems, like what the heck is bad vibe-ing me right now or where does my soul want to lead me next? Why do I keep seeing feathers everywhere, and what's with the pennies? We're all of it! 

We're deep and real. We're silly and fun. 

We watch Adventure Time and cry. We watch Real Housewives (well, Sabrina does)  and cry. We watch the human societies commercials with sick babies and dogs and cats and cry too. (Come to think of it, we cry quite a bit. We think is has to do with having super open heart chakra’s. We’ll get back to you on that one.) 

We're torn about how much we like the new Justin Bieber album. We feel for him emotionally, (we know it must have been a lot of pressure under the spotlight for a young soul) but he can act like such a little jerk sometimes. 

Our mom is amazing. She's a dope ass badass woman who taught us to look fear directly in the eye and be brave enough to feel scared and do shit anyway. 

We sometimes fall, and we sometimes fail, but we're here to listen to our Spirits and create ridiculously magical lives. We love chic restaurants and Beyoncé. We talk astrology and psychology. We listen to what our Spirits love and build our lives around what we love, instead of trying to shove our Spirits into our lives. 

And we want to do live our lives with you. And we want to show you what's worked for us, and what hasn't. 

We're babies of a true self help mama, but we're also children of the 90's. Firmly N'Sync fans. Most of the time, we're figuring things out as we go. Confused and confident all at once.  Old souls in young bodies. 

20-something just like you. 

We're doing our best to navigate this complicated and complex word, immersing into our full power as women, and depending on more than just our brains to get by. 

We don't want to live good enough lives. We're here to create freaking magical lives with beautiful adventures and fabulous wardrobes to match. Our hearts lead the way, and our Spirits are firmly in place, and we do these things with a latte in hand and our iPhones tucked into the back pockets of our skinny jeans.