Sonia and Sabrina are two psychic sisters about to take the self help world by storm. Their debut book You Are Amazing is part down to earth guide and part pep up talk, devoted to unleashing the amazingness within you so that you can lead a life beyond your wildest dreams. I love Sonia and Sabrina and everything they do. They are bright lights here to lead a new generation of seekers in a grounded, fresh, relatable way. Their new book You Are Amazing is absolutely amazing and guaranteed to light the lives of all those who read it. Sonia and Sabrina are the real deal. These two are devoted to unleashing the amazingness within you so that you can lead a life beyond your wildest dreams. I am massive fans of Sonia and Sabrina. Unlike the rest of us, Sonia and Sabrina have been training since birth to trust and follow their intuition. You Are Amazing is a relatable and rich guide for living an amazing, intuitive, unlimited life. A must read for all millennial.In their debut book You Are Amazing, Sonia and Sabrina share the tools that they use to create a truly amazing life.
— Rebecca Campbell - light is the new black and rise sister rise

Sonia & Sabrina Tully-Choquette are real life bad-asses (with good asses) who aren’t afraid to speak their truth. Their whole entire existence has been an immersion with intuition and who better to lead you towards self-acceptance, love and confidence than these two? I believe in the sacred work that these ladies are sharing. As soon as you meet them you feel like you’ve just met two new best friends who ooze love from head to toe. They’re hip, hot and honest with courage that will lovingly guide the next generation towards what can only be described as the light. Thank you Sonia & Sabrina the world needs your book ‘You are AMAZING’ now more than ever!
— Kyle Grey

Sonia and Sabrina have dedicated their lives to the authentic empowerment of individuals from all over the world. Their insights and awarenesses have the ability to free people from all forms of limitation and anchor them in the experience of their limitless nature.
— Panache Dasai

This is a much needed book for our younger generation who are now heading into uncertain times, given the current political climate. Written by two beautiful and down to earth young women, it’s a practical guide for creating an empowered and authentic life. Through the use of colorful language, the ideas they share are very important for our time. I highly recommend this book.
— Anita Moorjani

It’s time to be AMAZING - to trust your vibes, to be courageous, and to follow your joy! Sabrina and Sonia have written a spirited, fun, wise and practical guide to show you how.
— Robert Holden, author of Authentic Success and Shift Happens!

You are Amazing is a down- to- earth, practical, and fun guide to living a life based on intuitive guidance and being in touch with your Spirit. Written in their 20 something fresh and uplifting voices, these daughters of the wonderful intuitive, Sonia Choquette, bring their legacy of inner guidance to a new generation. And show us that ultimately, the path of intuition and being led from the heart are the only paths that bring lasting fulfillment— so why not start early.
— Christiane Northrup, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

Sonia and Sabrina have written a must read book for their generation. Their voice is authentic, bright and real. Equal parts Insightful and fun, this book should not be missed. The sooner you get onboard with their message that following your intuition is essential to living a fabulous life, the better. They know what they’re talking about! Truly magical.
— Colette Baron-Reid #1 bestselling author of The Map

Sonia and Sabrina Choquette Tully were raised to trust their vibes. In this carefree, high-spirited book, they share their many secrets. Join them on the road to happy, successful living.
— Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way