Hey Noodles

We've tried everything! We grew up in an household where we were taught to listen to our intuition i.e. to trust ourselves - we have been connected to so many wonderful teacher, mentors, books, tools.  We’re constantly trying new things because we love learning, growing and finding what works. 

We created this as a page so you can get to the good good stuff, without a lot of combing and searching. Since we’ve been on this path since we’ve been little babies, we’ve tried so many different things and we want to share with you what we love and what works for us. We’ve chosen people that we admire, mantras that are magic, books that help us grow and make us think, meditations to calm our brains, herbal support for our health, art to feed our Spirit, music to get us dancing - basically anything that feeds our Spirit and brings us back. If you’ve got something that you love and that feeds your Spirit, please send us a message. We love learning and exploring new things. 


The Gayatri Mantra – This is a mantra that basically manages your “crazy.” We use this mantra when our brains are on overload and we’re feeling frazzled. It focused the energy at the third eye. In our experience, this mantra just generally lightens the energy up in the room. It’s a good scrub for the brain. Even just put it on in the background when you’re cleaning the house, or in the shower. It’s been a life saver, game changer in times of stress.  

Ganesh Mantra – Ganesh Is the Hindu elephant God who is the remover of obstacles. Chanting this mantra for 40 days will open your heart, remove any metaphorical blocks from your life path, and redirect your focus. We both silently recite this chant when we are standing in line at the airport to help for smooth travel. Ganesh is our Homie, and if you’re really ready for a new energy in your life, commit to chanting this mantra once a day for forty days. Keep a journal and document your journey. Look for the places in your life and in yourself that the energies free up.

Tara Brach Podcast  We LOVE her. She is a brilliant Buddhist spiritual teacher and meditation teacher.  Listen to her talks on self love and self compassion. She has helped us make sense of ourselves and helped us make more sense of the world around us. Also, Tara is absolutely adorable.  

HeadSpace – We love this app. Our mom loves this app. All our friends who we’ve told about Headspace love this app. If you’re wanting to learn how to meditate but don’t know where or how to start, this is for you. It’s training wheels for mediation, it’ll teach you how to mediate and makes it feel more do-able.  

People We Love

Sonia Choquette - soniachoquette.net 

Products We Use

Sunday Riley Skincare

Big Bright Circle Botanicals - Our one stop shop for herbal medicines, botanical skincare and all sorts of ritual items. Kat nourishes body mind and Spirit and has dedicated her life to learning and supporting people on their journey,  whether it’s with her herbal medicine or her dream spray. Favorites include her Anti-Inflammatory Oxymel and I travel with her Cosmic Alighnment Room & Body spray.

Seeds of Remembrance - My friend Alexa creates beautiful and powerful malas that are magical. I can attest. I wear mine almost everyday. They’re works of art and powerful. If you need a magic mala, go check out Alexa.

ASOP -I want to sniff every single product in this line. Sabrina’s boo, Ahmed, got me hooked on this stuff when he gave me some of their soap for Christmas. Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas? As Britney Spears would say : “Gimme gimme more”

Vitamix - Our Godmother got Sonia a Vitamix for her birthday. We love making green smoothies! Game changer. 

Eltamd UV Sunscreen - I love you, Sun , but I don’t want too much of you on my face. My dermatologist recommended this line. I don’t leave home without it. This bottle lives in my purse. It has helped even out my skintone and keeps my face from getting sunburned. Dope. But, regular sunscreen works too. I’m all about protecting your skin.

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood

Rescue Remedy -As sensitives, life can feel like an emergency room. When we're in the E.R., we need some support. We’ve been using this stuff since we’ve been little babies because it works. We’re huge fan of their pastilles as well. Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, need to get grounded? Too much of an empath? Keep this on hand, you’ll be happy you have it.

Ponds Cold Cream - The O.G. product. We use this to take off our make up. It's cheap, it's timeless and our 87 year old grandmother swears by the stuff. 


Women Who Run With Wolves - Incredible book by Clarissa Estes. She helps reconnect and remind you of your inner wild woman - the infinitely creative, intuitive, expansive beautiful self. She uses myths, fairytales so you'll recognize some of the stories (like the Ugly Duckling) but brings a whole new perspective.  

Getting Real - Love love love this book. So many of us are not taught to be real, we try to protect others by not sharing how we're feeling and how it gets us into a whole mess of trouble.  

Emotional Bullshit - Want to live an incredible life? You’re going to have to own your shit. As our godmother, Lu says, what you don’t own, owns you. This book is a great handbook for getting to the bottom of what you need and what’s just emotional bullshit. A must read.

Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette - One of the OG favs from our mom. If you're looking for a great book on how to trust your intuition, look no further than our mom. 

Big Magic -Elizabeth Gilbert is a treasure. We have encountered hundreds of clients who want to create something but believe they can’t. If you’re wanting to finally write that book, start painting, follow your passion, and let your creativity flow then this book is for you. Elizabeth Gilbert will light a fire in your belly and get you going.

Peace in Every Step

Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

The Alchemist – In a word, this book is beautiful. We’ve read this book again and again, especially when we need to remember to follow our hearts. It’s an inspirational tale of a young boy who goes on a quest. If you want a light but deep read, check this out.


Crystal Fighters / Love Is All I Got

Beyonce / Grown Woman - This song is one of our anthems. When we saw Beyoncé in concert with our mom, she turned to us and said "Beyoncé is a living Saint." We totes agree. If you're need a song that reminds you that you're awesome and can do whatever you want, turn on this song and get down. 

Travel, Hotels We Love + Restaurants

Publican Quality Meats – Chicago - Lunch here. You won't regret it. Everything is made in house.  

Dark Matter Coffee - Chicago

Cafe Marley – Paris - Super cool spot to have dinner. Yummy food, cool scene. You'll dig. 

Hotel Particulier - Paris - It's like stepping into a Wes Anderson movie.