We love this shit. 

These are the things in the world that we can wholeheartedly recommend. These are the things that we use on the daily to help improve our lives. These are the resources that we have tried and tested ourselves. We want to share what has worked for us, in hopes that you spend a little less time on Google.


  • Crystal Fighters / Love Is All I Got
  • Beyonce / Grown Woman - This song is one of our anthems. When we saw Beyoncé in concert with our mom, she turned to us and said "Beyoncé is a living Saint." We totes agree. If you're need a song that reminds you that you're awesome and can do whatever you want, turn on this song and get down. 


  • The Gayatri Mantra – This is a mantra that basically manages your “crazy.” We use this mantra when our brains are on overload and we’re feeling frazzled. It focused the energy at the third eye. In our experience, this mantra just generally lightens the energy up in the room. It’s a good scrub for the brain. Even just put it on in the background when you’re cleaning the house, or in the shower. It’s been a life saver, game changer in times of stress.  
  • Ganesh Mantra – Ganesh Is the Hindu elephant God who is the remover of obstacles. Chanting this mantra for 40 days will open your heart, remove any metaphorical blocks from your life path, and redirect your focus. We both silently recite this chant when we are standing in line at the airport to help for smooth travel. Ganesh is our Homie, and if you’re really ready for a new energy in your life, commit to chanting this mantra once a day for forty days. Keep a journal and document your journey. Look for the places in your life and in yourself that the energies free up.
  • Tara Brach Podcast  We LOVE her. She is a brilliant Buddhist spiritual teacher and meditation teacher.  Listen to her talks on self love and self compassion. She has helped us make sense of ourselves and helped us make more sense of the world around us. Also, Tara is absolutely adorable.  


  • Women Who Run With Wolves - Incredible book by Clarissa Estes. She helps reconnect and remind you of your inner wild woman - the infinitely creative, intuitive, expansive beautiful self. She uses myths, fairytales so you'll recognize some of the stories (like the Ugly Duckling) but brings a whole new perspective.  
  • Getting Real - Love love love this book. So many of us are not taught to be real, we try to protect others by not sharing how we're feeling and how it gets us into a whole mess of trouble.  
  • Emotional Bullshit - We all have bullshit  - whether it's not being totally honest with yourself or other people. We love this book because it reminds us check 'yourself' and your relationships. 
  • Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette - One of the OG favs from our mom. If you're looking for a great book on how to trust your intuition, look no further than our mom. 
  • Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell  - Rebecca is our soul sister. Her book Rise Sister Rise is a powerful book about women who are on the planet right now are here to lead the global shift. F*ck yes. 
  • Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • Peace in Every Step
  • Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling





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