We’re not here with magical fixes, we’re here to take back what being “spiritual” means. 

You’re amazing. Even if we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you in person, we know it’s true. We wrote this book as a love letter to each other, to our friends, to you - because you’re f*cking great and you possess all the tools you need to live an authentic, bad ass life, gorgeous life, without a lot of drama.  It’s what happens when you’re connected to your Spirit and trust your intuition. We wrote this book because we felt like we were watching so many of our friends stumble around a dark room, scared, when all you need to do is turn on the light. This book is the light switch.

We see so many people: our clients, our friends, people we meet who don't trust themselves. They don’t trust their intuition and we watch them as their head and their heart are engaged in a dog fight. They’re disconnected from their Spirit, and are either totally unconscious or are just scared of everything or worry endlessly about every decision or conversation, wondering if it’s the “right” thing to do.

This isn’t a self-help book that is going to preach at you. No. No. No. We are in this with you. We are your soul sisters. We get you, and if we don’t get you, we will do everything in our power to try and get you. Because what we do know, is that in every person there lives a beautiful heart and a magical spirit, and what we want to do is support that gorgeous unique light in the world.

We’re here to give you simple ways to tune you back into you. These tools will empower you to get out of your head and get out of your own way so you can live the life you want.  It’s not a magical solution, but it is new ground from which you can operate.  It’s a great way to get your brain to shut the f*ck up and get on board with what you want without a lot of drama. The best part? Living a Spirited life not only makes life easier, it makes life more fun. We got you, boo.


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