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::Our Favorite New Moon Rituals::

This year, January is jam-packed with extra special magic because we have two full moons. The first new moon we are experiencing a new moon in Capricorn. When we think of the Capricorn, we can use this to guide our intentions for the year ahead. Ask yourself, what did I miss in 2017? What is my Spirit hungry for? Connection? A relationship? Travel?  What are you looking for but were unable to accomplish?

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::New SuperMoon in Taurus::

Supercharged new super moon in Taurus has lots of important energy for us. Although we can’t see new moons, think of the new moon like a seedling. We plant them underneath the soil, invisible to the naked eye but -- they’re growing. They know what to do.  All we have to do is water them, give them some sunshine and trust in the process.

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