SetTing Your Intentions For 2017

Hello You Beautiful Magical Human!

2016 is over and what a intense non-stop year it was. This was an intense year to be alive. We are glad we both had a healthy meditation practice to keep us grounded and centered. It was a year of twists and turns, ups and down, and a whole lot of “what the heck is happening?”



So, here’s the deal. 2016 was a number 9-year in numerology. That’s a year that calls for ending. Anything that wasn’t in alignment with your Spirit needed to go. This meant a lot of ends - ending toxic relationships, and ending all outdated ways of relating to people in our lives and not so useful ways of relating to ourselves. It meant raising our level of consciousness overall, (whether we wanted to or not) because only when we are able to see something for what it is, can we begin the process of transforming it into something that does serves us. All of this was hard work. I like to think of the 9-year as the last mile of a long distance marathon. That final push feels like the longest mile. 2016 felt like a long ass year for many of us.


After all that shifting and moving, here comes 2017.  This year is going to be a really powerful one as numerologically it breaks down into a 1-year. (2+0+1+7= 10 or 1) This is the energy of new beginnings and powerful transformations. It’s a year that invites feeling good in your own skin and being soundly on your path. This year you’ll be able to manifest your deepest desires as 2016 cleared the way for new seeds of your deeper yearnings to start to sprout. 2017 is a year to really bust out into the world and let those around you know who you really are without apology.

And all this newness energy is really freaking exciting.



Take some time for yourself to set some powerful New Year's intentions. Write these intentions down on crisp clean sheet of paper. Dare to dream big this year.  What would you really love to experience? What would make your heart sing? What would be healing and transformative?



Bringing light onto this planet is more important than ever. Focus your energies at the place of your heart and listen for what it’s yearning to create. Have gratitude for what was cleared away and be open and excited about the new beginnings that are starting to take shape.


This year we are focused on experiencing more balance, feeling more alive and having more fun!


We love you. You are Amazing.



Sonia and Sabrina