::Trusting Outside of Ourselves::

It had been a few years since I first realized that I needed to make a radical shift in my life and move out of Chicago, but I did nothing about it.  I contemplated where I should live once I left- Portland? LA? Austin? Seattle? Yet nothing felt right, so I stayed put.

While I knew in my heart it was entirely time for me to move on, I was unable to wrap my head around leaving without having a solid place in mind to firmly root and ground myself.  No matter how hard I thought about it, however, no city, in particular, called me. 

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::Our Favorite New Moon Rituals::

This year, January is jam-packed with extra special magic because we have two full moons. The first new moon we are experiencing a new moon in Capricorn. When we think of the Capricorn, we can use this to guide our intentions for the year ahead. Ask yourself, what did I miss in 2017? What is my Spirit hungry for? Connection? A relationship? Travel?  What are you looking for but were unable to accomplish?

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Planting Our Seeds of Intention for 2018

The cycle of 2018 is a powerful one. 2017 was a year of beginnings, and just like the start to any new cycle, it’s not without its difficulties.  In working with our clients, Sabrina and I both saw, overall, how challenging 2017 was. As We Begin The New Cycle Of 2018, It Is Our Chance To Begin Anew, One Where We Can Plant The Seeds Of Intention For Our Hearts Desires.

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Super Cold Moon In Gemini

::FULL MOON IN GEMINI ALERT::  Can you believe we’re at the end of 2017? We’re approaching the holidays fast and furiously –AND we’ve got a full cold SUPER moon in Gemini AND our final mercury retrograde coming in hot.  The combination might have us feeling a bit energetically ungrounded, especially since the super-cold moon is going to amplify everything.  

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🌕Full Moon in Taurus 🌕

We are getting a head start on this full moon post because this is going to be a good one!  The Full Moon enters Taurus November 3/4th and it is all about enriching your life and bringing in real tangible abundance. We tend to think of abundance as purely financial, but this abundant energy will affect our health, wealth, love life, family relationships, and even our ability to access our joy and gratitude.  

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::New SuperMoon in Taurus::

Supercharged new super moon in Taurus has lots of important energy for us. Although we can’t see new moons, think of the new moon like a seedling. We plant them underneath the soil, invisible to the naked eye but -- they’re growing. They know what to do.  All we have to do is water them, give them some sunshine and trust in the process.

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